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About us

Local Shopper is Northern Ireland's leading home delivered FREE Advertiser, giving your business the best way of GETTING YOUR MESSAGE HOME!

Delivered FREE to over 395,000 homes & businesses

Leading Advertiser

Northern Ireland’s leading monthly Advertiser. Strong, instantly recognised brand built on 9 years of regular reliable distribution.

Highest Circulation

Highest circulation throughout Greater Belfast and beyond, so you can let everyone know about your business.

Home Delivered

Delivered directly through letterboxes, the best way to get your message into your customers’ hands.

24 Editions to choose from

Targeted Advertising

YOU decide where is ‘LOCAL’ so your adverts are targeted to your business’s individual needs.

Greater Choice

YOU can choose the editions closest to you where you have most customers, or those further away where you’d like to gain more customers.

Better Results

YOUR advertising is therefore targeted, delivering greater results for your business AND better value for money.

If you want to advertise with us, or would like more information please get in touch

10 pages per edition

High Quality

Full colour glossy A4 finish for easily read, high quality adverts in a handy publication that doesn’t make homes look untidy

Easy to View

Roll-folded, so each edition opens out to let customers see half of all adverts at a glance

Non Cluttered

Limited advertising space, so your message isn’t lost in a sea of last month’s news, unnecessary editorials and irrelevant space-filling pictures

FREE Marketing advice & advert design

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation with our fully qualified and vastly experienced team.

Free Advice

We offer free advice on how to get the best results from your advertising campaign.

Top Quality Adverts

This results in top quality adverts containing eye-catching, relevant offers for maximum impact and best possible campaign results.

Like more information about us and what we do? Please get in touch

Delivered ONLY by Royal Mail

Guaranteed Delivery

Local Shopper reaches every address in each area, so ALL prospective customers see your advert.

Maximum Visability

As each copy is delivered with the daily post for maximum visability, householders pay more attention to Local Shopper, and also your advert and offers.

Dependable Delivery

Assured, dependable delivery by uniformed professionals ensures you have peace of mind that your adverts are reaching your target audience every time.